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This game is based on the classic bean bag toss games. Feel free to use stones you find in the garden, modify target locations (empty bottles) and change scores using erasable labels. Any configuration goes with this fun chameleon game!



  • Empty Fruité bottles (5)
  • Plywood (or other type of wood) at least 1 m2 large
  • Coloured or patterned masking tape (to decorate)
  • Velcro-style tape at least 12 cm long
  • Arts & crafts precision knife*
  • Scissors
  • Blackboard paint and chalk
  • Small paint roller
  • Paint tray
  • Masking tape (for painting)




  • Small stones (plan five stones per player)
  • Outdoor acrylic paint in various colours (one colour per player)
  • Small paint brush


*Arts & crafts precision knives should only be used by an adult or under adult supervision. Scissors with pointed ends, although less precise, can also be used.


On the wood plank, delineate painting areas (upper section and spaces for score labels) with masking tape.


Apply the first coat of blackboard paint. Let dry according to paint instructions. Apply a second coat and let dry as well.


With the help of a precision knife, cut holes in Fruité juice bottles to make various geometrical forms (triangle, circle, square, etc.), using an appropriate work surface (cutting mat or board, etc.).


Apply coloured masking tape along cut bottle sides, following geometrical forms. With the help of scissors, cut fives pieces of velcro tape (hoop and loop sides pressed together), each around 2 cm long. Separate velcro sides.


Peel off adhesive strip on loop side of velcro pieces and apply behind each bottle, making sure to place right in the middle.


Stick hoop side of velcro pieces to the wood plank. Fasten bottles to the velcro, then write the score allocated to each target.


Gather the number of stones needed (provide five stones per player), then paint each one with acrylic paint, making sure to dedicate one colour per player.


Lean plank on a wall, a tree or even an outdoor fence and change configuration as you wish!