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Coloured Pencil Art Display

Here’s a pretty idea to recycle old lead and wood pencils. Let your imagination run wild and create a unique design or recreate a pattern or word that inspires you!

Small rectangular canvas

Tissue paper (choice of colours)


Nontoxic glue and varnish (like Mod Podge – your choice of matte or gloss)

Small paintbrush

Old lead and wood pencils


Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks


Cut several strips of tissue paper to an approximate width of 2 cm (3/4 in) and the length needed to cover the canvas.


With a paintbrush, apply glue (Mod Podge) where you plan on layering the paper strips over the canvas. Place the first paper on the strip of glue, then very gently cover paper with a second layer of glue (this will also serve as a varnish).

Proceed the same way with remaining paper strips, until the whole canvas is covered in tissue paper. Let dry around 20 minutes or according to the maker’s instructions. Apply a second coat and let dry again.

(Tip: Should you happen to rip the tissue paper, apply a little glue to the area that needs fixing, place a patch of paper the same size as the rip, and cover with glue.)


Select old pencils according to colour and size. Using shears, cut down to size as needed to form a fun shape or inspirational word. To ensure the best arrangement, test a few layouts by positioning pencils without gluing.


Once you are happy with the final arrangement, glue each pencil using a hot glue gun.


Hang your artwork on the wall where you can admire its colours and originality every time you walk by!