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Fun DIY Micro Terrarium

Have fun creating a small terrarium featuring original figurines from your favourite animals to amusing characters. Let your imagination go…and invent a pint-sized world of green!

Small glass bowl

Masking tape

Potting soil

Bag of decorative rocks (your choice of colour)

Small plastic figurines


Acrylic paint

Small succulents (like aloe, haworthia, etc.)


Place two strips of masking tape in order to form an angle on the glass bowl.


Apply paint in the resulting triangle in-between the masking tapes. Let dry. Repeat until the colour is fully opaque. Let dry very well before removing masking tape.


Apply pain to figurines if needed. Repeat as often as necessary. Let dry fully between each coat.


Place a layer of potting soil at the bottom of the glass bowl, around 3 to 4 cm (1 1/4 in to 1 3/4 in) or so.


Remove succulents from their container and gently brush off the soil around their roots. Place in your choice of spots, then plant by digging lightly and covering the roots with the potting soil.


Lightly water each plant before carefully laying decorative rocks over the potting soil. Arrange a few larger rocks to position the figurines.


Showcase this terrarium in a strategic spot near a window. And don’t forget to water the plants around once a month (one or two tablespoons of water should suffice, poured around the roots when the potting soil becomes dry only) to keep them beautiful and healthy!