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Multicoloured Charms

There’s a simple, fun way to dress up any schoolbag, keychain or pencil case. Just add loads of… charms. It’s easy: pick your favourite colours and accessories, then craft away!

Felt sheets (in various colours)

Needle with an extra large eye

Cotton string or fine rope (in various colours)

Pierced wooden beads (from arts and crafts store)


Spring ring (approx. 7 mm-1/4 in)

Split ring (approx. 24 mm-7/8 in)

Lobster clasp


Small plastic figurines (optional)

Acrylic paint and brush (optional)

Drill (optional)

Screw-in cable loop (approx. 11 mm-7/16 in) (optional)


Cut felt into 8×8 cm (3×3 in) squares. Cut each square into strips approx. 6 to 7 cm (2 1/4 to 2 3/4 in) long. Do not cut all the way to the top of the fabric.


Roll felt onto itself as tightly as possible.


Thread the needle using cotton string (allow for an adequate length and double thread by knotting one end), then pass needle through the top of the felt roll to prevent it from unravelling.


Pass and coil cotton string around the top of the felt roll to form a rounded end. Finish off by pricking needle into the centre of the roll, from underneath, going from bottom to top.


Push needle through the top middle of the felt roll, then string with pompoms and beads. (Make sure to thread the needle through the middle of the pompoms.)


Insert spring ring into split ring, then split ring into lobster clasp.


Coil string around spring ring, then make a double knot.


Proceed in the same way for all the charms, inserting the spring ring from each charm into the split ring.


Note: If you wish to add amusing figurines to your charms, drill a shallow hole in the middle of the figurine (under adult supervision) using a drill fitted with a same-size bit as the cable loop. Insert loop, then thread a rope or cotton string measuring 20 cm (8 in) or so through the loop to make a double thread. String wooden beads onto rope, then attach directly to split ring using a knot.