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Winged piggy bank

Looking to save for a rainy day? Make your own piggy bank using a Fruité bottle … and a little imagination!

  • One Fruité bottle, empty and clean
  • Non-toxic glue that doubles as a sealer (e.g. Mod Podge)
  • Sheets of patterned paper or strips of thin fabric
  • Sheets of felt or foam (for cutting)
  • Flexible wire for the tail (pipe cleaner)
  • Small river stones
  • Transparent adhesive tape (about 5 cm wide)
  • Accessories to make the eyes and decorate the piggy bank (beads, buttons, etc.)
  • Corks (optional)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Precision knife (e.g. X-ACTO)
  • Drill

Note: The precision knife and drill should be used by an adult or under an adult’s supervision.


Cut out and remove the central portion of the bottle with a precision knife.


Fit the remaining ends together and secure them with adhesive tape.


Cut strips of fabric or paper of various lengths and about 3 cm wide. To create a quilt-like effect, tear off pieces of paper of different lengths and shapes.


Using a small paintbrush, apply glue (Mod Podge) to a section of the bottle and cover it with strips of paper or fabric. Apply a coat of glue (which also serves as a sealer) on top. Continue this procedure for the remaining surface of the piggy bank, then let dry for about 20 minutes or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a second coat. Let dry.


Use the same method to cover four river stones with paper or fabric. They will be used to make the feet. Painted corks can also be used.


Trace the shape of the ears and wings on the felt or foam sheets and cut them out.


With the precision knife, make small incisions in the plastic bottle for the ears and wings. Use a drill to make a hole at the bottom of the bottle where the tail will be inserted. To make the coin slot, drill two holes and slowly cut out a clear opening between them.


Insert the ears, wings and tail (wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil or glue stick to give it the shape of a corkscrew) into the openings made.


Using hot glue, attach the feet to the piggy bank. Next, glue the eyes (buttons, circular felt or foam shapes, beads, pompoms, stones, etc.). Hold them in place for a few seconds or until they are securely attached to the piggy bank.


Place in a visible spot and … start saving those coins!