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Fortune cookies

These cookies, unfortunately, are not for eating. But their colours, style and inspiring messages will please everyone with whom you share them!

  • Coloured sheets of cardboard
  • Patterned sheets of paper
  • Round objects (roll of masking tape, jar, etc.) for drawing circles
  • Scissors
  • High temperature glue gun
  • High temperature glue sticks

Using the round objects at your disposal, draw several circles of various diameters (at least 12 cm) on the cardboard sheets, then cut them out.


Print or write out inspirational or fun phrases on a patterned sheet of paper and cut them into strips. The strips should be slightly longer than the diameter of the circles.


Inspirational Messages – Fruité


Take a cardboard circle and join two ends together, taking care to avoid making a crease. Apply a drop of hot glue and press the edges together. Hold them in place for a few seconds or until the glue dries.


Insert a strip into one of the openings. Hold the ends of the semicircle between your thumb and middle finger and lightly bring them together while keeping your index finger at the centre of the semicircle. A fold will easily form in the middle. Fasten the edges by applying a drop of hot glue and squeezing them together for a few seconds.


Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each circle.


Place the “cookies” in a bowl and ask your friends to each take one. Ask them to read aloud the phrase hidden inside their cookie to trigger some lively conversations!