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Ingredients, nutritional information, allergens

Q : Is it possible to find traces of allergenic ingredients (the Health Canada list) in other products processed on the same production line?

Special washing and rinsing measures are applied after packaging a product containing allergenic ingredients so as to remove all traces from the production line.

In addition, suppliers are required to provide a letter of guarantee about the presence/absence of allergens in the ingredients. Our company has a very strict policy in this regard.

Q : What kind of water is used in preparing your products?

The water used in production comes from various municipal sources where our plants are located. At the plant entrance, the water is filtered through activated charcoal to remove all traces of residual chlorine. At the same time, this operation enables us to obtain perfectly flavourless water (odourless, colourless, and tasteless).

Packaging, process, origin

Q : Is your packaging recyclable or returnable?

All our packaging is recyclable. The recycling logo and the following mention are found on each package: Recyclable/Refund where applicable.

Giving refunds for packaging is a provincial responsibility. As such, the legislation varies from one province to another. However, we ensure compliance with the various regulations and also ensure, where required, the monitoring and registration of our products.

Shelf life and consumption

Q : How can I tell the “best before” date of your products?

The package is stamped with an ink jet code indicating the date before which the product should be consumed to get the maximum benefit from its qualities. For example, 20140313 means March 13, 2014.