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Miniature Garden

Kids will love to grow vegetables and fresh herbs in this suspended garden perfectly sized for small spaces!

  • Empty Fruité bottles (3)
  • Fresh herbs or small seedling vegetable with shallow roots (lettuce, etc.)
  • Potting soil for selected greens
  • Rope or coloured ribbon (length: around 4 metres)
  • Arts & crafts precision knife*
  • Hole punch (diametre: 6 mm)
  • Drill

Cut the top off three empty Fruité bottles (make the cut around 12 cm under the bottleneck) using a precision knife. Keep leftover bottle to fashion into flower pots or planters.


With hole puncher, punch a hole (6 mm large) in every corner of the three containers.


Remove bottle caps from the containers, then drill a few drain holes in each. Replace the caps.


Cut a dozen ropes or ribbons to the desired length (depending on the level height needed for the selected plants). Tie ropes tightly (two knots may be needed) inside the holes located in all four corners of the containers. Connect each level by attaching the ropes from the previous level to the corresponding holes in the next level.


At the top, tie all four ropes into a knot to hang your miniature garden.


Hang miniature garden temporarily, then fill all three containers with potting soil and selected greens (fresh herbs or shallow seedling vegetable).


Hang outdoors or indoors (if the latter, provide a container to collect excess irrigation water).


*Arts & crafts precision knives should only be used by an adult or under adult supervision. Scissors with pointed ends, although less precise, can also be used.